Join Aug. 10 webinar

Please be my guest. We are allowing my contacts to attend this upcoming Leadership USA webinar which is usually only for members. I will share key information included in my most recent book, Leadership Lessons from Silicon Valley: How to Survive and Thrive in Disruptive Times. It will be interactive, and fast moving. If you’d like to … Read more

Briefing and networking lunch March 28

If you are responsible for developing leaders in your organization, I invite you to a March 28 breakfast briefing for my newest venture, Leadership USA-Silicon Valley. Here’s an overview. LUSA-SV member-company leaders can attend monthly in-person, day-long leadership seminars led by national thought leaders, leadership experts and bestselling authors. Members’ leaders can attend any sessions … Read more

Nov. 14 ATD SF East Bay

I’ll be speaking at the ATD SF East Bay on Nov. 14 in Dublin. My program, “Work. Play. Give. – Creating a Thriving Workplace” is applicable not only for talent management managers, but for any manager. ATD is even offering a special price to encourage folks to bring their manager or any manager. Details are … Read more

Ensure your customers want to kiss you, not curse you

A pair of young men have started a service in our neighborhood to help fund their college education. They will do nearly any chore for $15/hr. I’ve engaged them to transport furniture, clean out my gutters, move all the furniture out of 3 rooms for floor refinishing, then move it back, trim bushes, wash my car and myriad other tasks.

They have a can-do attitude and never complain about the yuckiness of a task.

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Is your communication strategic?

In a recent “Calming Upset Customers” seminar, I explained why people go ballistic when angry.

“When we’re upset, we behave from our emotions and have cut off all rational thinking. A rational person would think, ‘How can I best accomplish my communication goal?’ It would not be by yelling or cursing at the person who can possibly find a solution.”

Afterward, the participants’ discussion made me realize that few people think about a communication strategy before they open their mouths. Most people just spew forth whatever crosses their mind, with little or no thinking or filter — especially when upset.

How can you not fall prey to this predisposition? How can you be more cognizant of your communication goal so you don’t get caught in emotional triggers?

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