Cultivate Many Mini-Mentors

by Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC on December 2, 2018

Rebecca Morgan Mini-Mentors quote

What is a mini-mentor? Someone who advises you in one area of their expertise.

Cultivate many of them. Why?



Eschew Frivolous Talk—Seek Meaningful Conversation

by Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC on November 8, 2018


Morgan quote Frivilous Talk Photo credit: Rebecca Morgan, atop one of the 3000+ temples in Bagan, Myanmar


Frivolous: unworthy of serious attention; trivial; of little value.

“And then he said…then she said…and then…and then…” and on and on. Have you been on the listening end of frivolous talk? You know it when you hear it, when someone prattles on and on about people you don’t know, will never meet, and don’t care about. Or when someone keeps talking and talking, saying little, perhaps even repeating themselves. A friend has a saying for this: “I’m just talking here — not saying anything.”

Have you found yourself spending time involved in — or listening to — more frivolous talk than you’d care to? I know I have. But I also had an experience that made me realize how much I contribute to frivolous talk.


Practice Micro-connections Every Day

by Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC on November 6, 2018

Rebecca Morgan Micro-connections quote

You may have heard the term “microaggression”—a form of bullying defined as brief exchanges that send denigrating messages to individuals because of their group membership. I believe we can broaden the definition to any subtle bullying—eye-rolling after someone’s comment, verbal digs and zings, ignoring someone’s comments, and other disparagements. These can happen even when both parties are part of the same group.

We’ve all been on the receiving end of these kind of disrespectful encounters. They are designed to dismiss us, to put us down, to signal we don’t have value. Some of us have even perpetrated these, perhaps when younger and not conscious of the effect they have on others.



A Formula for Growth

by Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC on October 18, 2018

Rebecca Morgan Growth quote

“Why stay we on the earth except to grow?” —Robert Browning

Most people would agree with Browning. Unfortunately, growth doesn’t always come easily; often we feel “stuck.” If you’re feeling stuck, here’s a formula to help you get unstuck:


Couple Candor with Kindness

by Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC on October 10, 2018

Rebecca Morgan Candor Kindness quote


Don’t Make Decisions for Me Without Consulting Me

September 20, 2018

Tweet It happens at work: “She won’t want to be on the committee. She’s too busy.” “He wouldn’t like this new project. He likes what he’s doing now.” “He has a family at home so won’t want to take the trip to visit the new customer.” “She doesn’t like public speaking so we shouldn’t ask […]

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Why Venting is Toxic

August 30, 2018

Tweet “I need to vent” is an oft-heard expression when one is frustrated. Great that the person is clear on what they need. However, they often vent indiscriminately to whomever is within earshot. I’ve had strangers express their frustration to me, even though the cause of their angst had nothing to do with me. Venters […]

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Stop Offering Feedback

August 23, 2018

Tweet I’m sure I’m not the only one who bristles when someone asks, “Can I give you some feedback?” It’s usually unsolicited advice about something the giver feels you did wrong.Rarely is there any inquiry first into your reasoning for the behavior, just, in essence, “You did something I don’t like.” It is often focused […]

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Article in Malaysia’s Leaderonomics Magazine

June 30, 2018

Tweet I’m honored to have my article, “When You Need to Give a Hug” in this week’s Leaderonomics Magazine. It’s about my encounter with a sobbing woman in an elevator. See the attached.

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Join Aug. 10 webinar

June 7, 2018

Tweet Please be my guest. We are allowing my contacts to attend this upcoming Leadership USA webinar which is usually only for members. I will share key information included in my most recent book, Leadership Lessons from Silicon Valley: How to Survive and Thrive in Disruptive Times. It will be interactive, and fast moving. If you’d like […]

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