Get It Done Program dates/locations

I’ve set the dates/locations for the next Get It Done Program kickoff weekend options: Feb. 27-28 Silicon Valley (near the San Jose airport) March 20-21 Biloxi, MS May 8-9 Seattle, WA May 15-16 Portland, OR If you’d like more info on how this program works to help you accomplish some big projects, details are at … Read more

Listen to Rebecca being interviewed

Internet radio hosts Brian Sullivan and Tim O’Brien interviewed Rebecca on her newest books,  Remarkable Customer Service…And Disservice and Grow Your Key Talent. Listen to the lively banter about these two important topics. Just right-click (Mac: option-click) to download this 25-minute session to load into your MP3 player.

Tool to help you choose the right word

Have you ever written the wrong word and got egg on your face? Ever tripped up your readers with fuzzy word choices that confuse them? Those who wrestle with words can find ourselves wondering if we’ve picked the right one. Is it compliment or complement? Waver or waiver? Who or whom?

wt-paperback-smThanks to my friend and colleague Barbara McNichol, she’s making it easy. She now has the 2009 version of her popular ebook Word Trippers — a valuable tool for writers, speakers, and others who finds our language puzzling at times.

  • Not sure if famous and notorious can be interchanged? Look ’em up!*
  • Not sure if you should use “fewer” or “less” when counting the eggs in a basket? Look ’em up!**
  • Not sure when “between” is accurate or when “among” is the perfect choice? Look ’em up fast using your computer’s search function!

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Are you punishing excellence?

Gary Kurth was fired for being excellent. His performance was so great in fact, that he out earned his colleagues. That was the problem. An April 8 story in the Santa Barbara (California) News-Press explained that Gary was among 3,400 Circuit City employees who lost their jobs in the last few weeks because their sales … Read more