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My webinar, “Effectively Growing Your Key Talent: Are You Sunlight and Water or Just Manure?” which was hosted by HR Toolbox, is now available for viewing. “Great webinar and simple to implement. Thank you for the ideas and insights provided.” —Jose Santiago (Dubai)

Is every staff person a salesperson?

In this economy, every employee must become a salesperson. You can’t afford to have anyone on staff who isn’t doing some marketing effort. You may think that accounting, HR, facilities, and other support staff are immune from cementing relationships with customers, encouraging current clients to buy more, or unearthing new opportunities. Even engineers, manufacturing workers … Read more

How to keep developing your key talent even when budgets are slashed

Stellar employees highly value enhancing their skills. Studies show that professional development is a key factor in attracting and retaining top talent. So what do you do if your professional development budget is slashed? You get creative. And we’ll help. We’ve found a trend among out clients that most want to have regular learning experiences … Read more