Presentation tip: Channeling Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis is known for his rubbery face, silly body language and odd voices.

Why would a well-respected business presenter want to do anything like Jerry Lewis? After all, you have important ideas and information to impart. To be anything but serious would cast doubt on your data, let alone your mental state.

Several years ago, after 28 years as a professional presenter, I learned the value of channeling my inner Jerry Lewis in my business presentations around the world.

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Retailer Shows Stellar Service Creates More Sales

I hate to shop. I’m an in-between size and find it difficult to find what looks good at a reasonable price.

Years ago I discovered the services of department store personal shoppers. They don’t cost anything for their services and aren’t high pressure. In fact, I’ve found they actually save me time, money, and many headaches. And I generally walk out of the store with items that fit and I can use.

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