Tool to help you choose the right word

Have you ever written the wrong word and got egg on your face? Ever tripped up your readers with fuzzy word choices that confuse them? Those who wrestle with words can find ourselves wondering if we’ve picked the right one. Is it compliment or complement? Waver or waiver? Who or whom?

wt-paperback-smThanks to my friend and colleague Barbara McNichol, she’s making it easy. She now has the 2009 version of her popular ebook Word Trippers — a valuable tool for writers, speakers, and others who finds our language puzzling at times.

  • Not sure if famous and notorious can be interchanged? Look ’em up!*
  • Not sure if you should use “fewer” or “less” when counting the eggs in a basket? Look ’em up!**
  • Not sure when “between” is accurate or when “among” is the perfect choice? Look ’em up fast using your computer’s search function!

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