New presentation: “Authentic Leadership Presence: Benefiting From Strategic Authenticity”

Last week I gave a new talk. It went so well, I’m now offering it to others. Let me know if you’re interested. This was an hour talk but I could easily make it a 2- to 3-hour workshop.   Authentic Leadership Presence: Benefiting From Strategic Authenticity Common advice is, “Be yourself.” But is it … Read more

Authentic leadership

Have you ever taken an assignment that you thought would be easier than it turned out? But you didn’t bow out because you knew it would be a good stretch?

I recently accepted an invitation to speak at a women’s event on the topic of “Leadership Presence: Your Authentic Self.” This is not a topic on which I usually speak, although I include elements of leadership, presence and authenticity in various presentations. So I thought, “no problem.”

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