New presentation: “Authentic Leadership Presence: Benefiting From Strategic Authenticity”

Last week I gave a new talk. It went so well, I’m now offering it to others. Let me know if you’re interested. This was an hour talk but I could easily make it a 2- to 3-hour workshop.


Authentic Leadership Presence: Benefiting From Strategic Authenticity

Common advice is, “Be yourself.” But is it always possible — and advisable — to be your full self in every situation? What does it really mean to “be yourself”? Does it mean you should behave with your boss the same as when you’re with family and close confidants?

Learn about the Authenticity Continuum(tm) and be cognizant of how much of your true self to disclose in each situation. Inauthenticity — or being fake — is not the goal. Being savvy about how much to reveal is.

Showing others your leadership presence will get you taken seriously. How you dress, walk, gesture and talk all impact whether you’re considered for that next big project or job. Learn some nuances that aren’t commonly discussed that will help you project your leadership presence.

1 thought on “New presentation: “Authentic Leadership Presence: Benefiting From Strategic Authenticity””

  1. Presence is more important to leadership than one would think.
    I often get calls to work with leaders on their executive presence. The person either doesn’t look, sound, or act the part of a leader. At some point, it’s no loner what you know but about your leadership presence.

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