Sewing up customer loyalty

Sometimes an organization empowers their people to go way above and beyond for their customers. We hear about these examples but rarely experience them ourselves.

I’m happy to report I was the recipient of such largess.

Royal PlazaStaying again at Singapore’s Royal Plaza on Scotts, I knew their staff was spectacular. After all, this hotel had won awards in the hospitality industry. But I was amazed at this example of stellar service.

I’d recently lost 30 lbs and had taken in the skirts I had brought to present in. But I’d lost a few more pounds and I was fussing to keep the skirts tucked into my belt during my presentations. I had 3 more weeks of presentations and knew I’d feel better if I could have a tailor take them in.

I asked the concierge if I could pay the hotel seamstress to do this task so I wouldn’t have to search for a tailor. He said he’d call her and ask. Within minutes he called to say she’d be right up to my room.

I tried on the 3 skirts and she pinned them. Within an hour they were back in my room and fit perfectly.

This was impressive enough. But when I asked how much I owed her, she said nothing! There was no charge for this amazing service!

I don’t know if this is standard, but whether it is or not, I was blown away.

What can your staff do to blow away your customers?