Using activities to spawn insights

Lecture is boring.

Discussion is better as it makes participants think.

But the best method for creating impactful insights is through meaningful activities. These can mix fun with powerful lessons, if facilitated properly.

This Spring I had the honor of working with several groups and included activities in place of or to supplement lecture and discussion.

• At the Singapore HR Summit, I integrated a common children’s game to spawn insightful takeaways. This brief clip is from “Authentic Leadership: Benefiting From Strategic Authenticity” presented to 400 HR professionals. I use the children’s balloon passing game as a metaphor to help the participants see how they lead. They applauded after the activity, even though the session wasn’t over. One delegate told me the session was the highlight of the whole conference!


Leadership ActivitiesAt the Grand Hyatt, Singapore, I took their amazing leaders through several activities designed to give them new understanding of their leadership defaults.

• The wonderful team members at the Royal Plaza on Scotts in Singapore also experienced a highly participatory learning that helped them see their own communication style.

• And at the Borei Angkor Resort in Siem Reap, their 40 top leaders created many new ideas on how to lead better during a day filled with various learning activities.