Honesty, Without Caring, Is Abuse

May 27, 2019

Tweet   Nearly everyone I’ve known has said they want honest feedback on areas they can improve. Hearing this, some perceive it as an invitation to be mean. Sometimes really mean. Insulting. Demeaning. Humiliating. Abusive.

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Is Your Self-Reliance Dooming You?

May 26, 2019

Tweet   A pal has been a supervisor at our local hardware store for eight years. He recently shared a story about Eric, the new general manager — someone who’d never worked in a hardware store and was hired about 6 months ago. Eric is a nice guy, but he doesn’t see how he’s causing […]

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Take Calculated Risks

May 25, 2019

Tweet     “Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash.” —George S. Patton from a letter to Cadet George S. Patton IV, June 6, 1944 Taking calculated risks means boldness with forethought. It means weighing the outcome and avoiding unwise action. A calculated risk might be giving a presentation to your boss’ […]

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Harness the Power of Commitment

May 23, 2019

Tweet   “Do or die!” “Don’t give up the ship!” “Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead!” Military expressions are valuable during war when the price of failure is death. But they lose impact in our business or private life: failure is not quite as final. However, these sayings are based on a principle that […]

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Video clip on Google’s Project Aristotle.

May 22, 2019

Tweet This is a brief clip on Google’s Project Aristotle. This information is also included in my book, Leadership Lessons from Silicon Valley: How to Survive and Thrive in Disruptive Times, which can be ordered here.

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Leaderful Listening

May 16, 2019

Tweet In leadership training, participants are typically told how important listening is. Yet few heed the advice. I can understand why. Often, it’s because we already think we are good listeners. But how a leader listens is more crucial than one’s listening style as a peer. Leaders’ everyday behaviors have gravitas and impact. Subtleties and […]

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Vulnerability + Strength = Personal Power

April 24, 2019

Tweet   Some people are drawn to forceful leaders. Others appreciate leaders who have a gentler approach. I — and many others — find the combination of vulnerability plus strength is compelling. Many people feel connected to others who are willing to show humility, admit when they are wrong, demonstrate heartfelt emotions, and express sincere […]

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Recap of “Create a Slook” talk

April 17, 2019

Tweet What a delight to receive a special gift a week after I spoke at the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance. It wasn’t a plaque, mug, or letter opener (although they did give me a great water bottle at the event). It was this wonderful recap article of my talk in their newsletter, with a […]

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Say “Yes” to Beckoning Adventures

March 27, 2019

Tweet   I’m afraid of heights. Just thinking about climbing a ladder makes my stomach queasy. So imagine my reaction when I was in Istanbul and a friend suggested I go to Cappadocia in central Turkey for a hot air balloon ride, I was not immediately excited. That is an understatement.

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Malaysian Speakers Bureau

March 22, 2019

Tweet I’m grateful to work with the wonderful people at Leaderonomics in Malaysia and their wonderful clients. It’s great to be featured with such excellent speakers.

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