Is Your Superpower Recognizing Others’ Superpowers?

March 11, 2019

Tweet   Identifying one’s “superpower” has become a hot topic. We are encouraged to identify where we excel. This is not always an easy task. Most of us are either oblivious to how we stand out, or at the other end of the continuum, think have more competence than we actually do. Thus it’s a […]

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Are You Difficult?

March 5, 2019

Tweet   Have you ever been told you are difficult? When I’ve labeled someone difficult, they have been some of these: obstinate, uncooperative, inflexible, demanding, dictatorial undiplomatic, blunt, condescending, arrogant, caustic, hyper-critical, argumentative (often just for the sake of it, not because they believe their arguments). incongruent, dishonest, passive agressive, uncommunicative, inconsiderate, insensitive, unreliable, defensive, […]

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Waves Are Like People

February 25, 2019

Tweet     The morning was spectacular—a warm Gulf breeze brushed my cheeks. Waves scampered across the beach. Meditating on the waves’ delicious sound, color and dance, I observed that even as they were approaching the shore, they were retreating. A small berm lay between me and the surf. A few waves crossed the crest […]

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Two Magic Words to Cool Tense Situations

February 20, 2019

Tweet   Many disagreements are caused by misunderstandings. These can be as simple as someone not accurately hearing what the other said. Or they can be misinterpreting the other’s actions in the worst possible way. Two words can head off escalating the misunderstanding into a full-fledged argument, with loud voices, emphatic inflection, and accusatory words. […]

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Give Verbal Hugs

February 13, 2019

Tweet   These days we have to be careful about touching people, yet we still want to embrace others, to show them we care about them. Try a verbal hug* instead.

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Practice Micro-Connections Every Day

January 13, 2019

Tweet Photo: Rebecca Morgan, Gualala, CA You may have heard the term “microaggression”—a form of bullying defined as brief exchanges that send denigrating messages to individuals because of their group membership. I believe we can broaden the definition to any subtle bullying—eye-rolling after someone’s comment, verbal digs and zings, ignoring someone’s suggestions in a meeting, and […]

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Same-o, Same-o is Lame-o, Lame-o. Embrace Your Uniqueness!

January 11, 2019

Tweet Photo: From the Mermaid Academy, Boracay, Philippines Odd. Different. Weird. Have you been called one (or more) of these? If so, you’re far from alone. This may be a key to your success.

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Dependability Is a Superpower

December 26, 2018

Tweet Photo: Rebecca Morgan with 5-year-old Luca in Kayseri, Turkey My contractor said he was coming to fix my dishwasher Thursday afternoon. He never arrived. Nor did he call or text he wasn’t coming. So I waited. The salesperson said she would call at 10 am. She didn’t. Nor did she email to alert me. So […]

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Cultivate Many Mini-Mentors

December 2, 2018

Tweet   What is a mini-mentor? Someone who advises you in one area of their expertise. Cultivate many of them. Why?

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Eschew Frivolous Talk. Seek Meaningful Conversation

November 8, 2018

Tweet   Frivolous: unworthy of serious attention; trivial; of little value. “And then he said…then she said…and then…and then…” and on and on. Have you been on the listening end of frivolous talk? You know it when you hear it, when someone prattles on and on about people you don’t know, will never meet, and […]

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