Fabulous service from AT&T

att_logoI’d been putting off buying an iPhone for several reasons, but a key one was the horror stories I’d heard about the AT&T customer service. I was a happy Verizon customer, often being amazed at the great customer service when I called in with a question.

iPhoneMy Verizon contract had ended. I waited a few more months to see if the iPhone would be available with other carriers after the initial 2-year monopoly. It didn’t. I could wait no longer. I pre-ordered mine on June 8, the first day orders could be placed.

I received a notice on June 12 that my number would be ported over to AT&T on the 19th, when I was slated to receive my iPhone. However, the number they were confirming would be transferred was my office number, not my cell phone number. This would not do.

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