Surprise your customers with a wow experience

Grand HyattArriving at the Singapore Airport, I saw a man with “Grand Hyatt” on his clipboard. I approached him, asking if they provided a shuttle. He said no, but he could arrange a town car. After confirming the price would be double that of a cab, I told him I’d just grab a taxi. He escorted me to the taxi queue and helped the driver put my luggage into the trunk.

Imagine my delight when I arrived at the Grand Hyatt and a young woman employee opened my cab door and said, “Ms. Morgan, I’ll escort you directly to your room.” I know some hotels now have the capability for guests to check in while en route, but I hadn’t done that. I was surprised and delighted. She whisked me up to my room, giving the bellman my room number to deliver my suitcase. In the room, she took a pic of my passport with her phone, confirmed my credit card and gave me the key.


I was unpacking within minutes of arrival.

I wondered how she knew it was me in the cab. Then I remembered the man at the airport. I’d introduced myself with only my first name. I figured he got my full name from my luggage tags and noted the cab number. He’d texted his colleague telling her to expect me within 15 minutes noting the cab number. Then she just had to go outside and open the door of the cab with that number.

Still, the forethought and follow through were impressive!

What could you do by coordinating with your colleagues to give your customers a wow experience?