Set your company apart at Halloween

Would you like to generate positive buzz about your company this Halloween?
Do something different this Halloween — sponsor Books For Treats in your area. What is Books For Treats? It’s a program that encourages you to give gently read children’s books to your trick-or-treaters. For about the price of a candy bar, you can purchase good second-hand books and delight your little ghosts and goblins.
How does this work for your company? You could sponsor (buy) the books from Scholastic (get discounted books from the link on, second-hand book stores or other resources, and set up a table at a shopping mall or other venue in your community for trick-or-treaters. Many cities are now hosting events so kids have a safe, central place to spend Halloween. Collecting treats is often coupled with other activities for the kids.
How does this benefit your company? Put a sticker on the outside of the books that says, “Compliments of (your company).” Send press releases to the media to get them to cover this unique giveaway. When you tie it into reducing childhood diabetes and obesity and increasing literacy, it is a win/win all around.
And believe it or not, kids — and their parents — love the books, even if they are slightly worn. Your good will will go far in getting positive responses — and new business.
I’ve been doing this at my house since 1995, and the kids (and parents) loved it so much, I expanded it into the community. We gave out 4000 books last year, and will again this year.
Go to to read more, download a free kit on how to do this, and start it at your house or community. Our motto is, “Feed kids’ minds, not their cavities. Give brain candy.”