What sayings are holding you back?

When I hear someone declare, “There’s nothing new under the sun” I want to scream, “Have you not been alive the last 10, 20, 30 or 40 years?” So much new has been invented you’d have to have been living under a rock to believe the trite saying they so adamantly express.

If you believe limiting mantras, you are doomed for a life of mediocrity. If Einstein, Edison, Jobs, the Wright Brothers, Curie and so many others thought there was nothing worth inventing, our lives would be very different. They had the imagination to think of what wasn’t available. Then they had to courage to do the hard work to make it come to fruition.

So if you don’t have any ideas you think are new, you need to work at being more creative. You need to travel to different cultures, try some new food, go to movies you wouldn’t normall see, read some magazines outside your normal interests and meet people not usually in your circle. If you’re open and inquisitive, you’ll soon see how others have found solutions you would have never thought of to problems. People are amazingly innovative when they have the mindset to be. Try expanding yours. You may invent something we all need and want but no one thought of yet.

1 thought on “What sayings are holding you back?”

  1. There actually is nothing new under the sun when it comes to people and their interactions. Technological advances must necessarily be excluded from that quote by King Solomon.

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