Re-engineering the Customer Experience

I love it when clients want to ensure their customers have a positive experience with every interaction. So I was thrilled with a previous client called to ask me to help them re-engineer their customer processes.

We began with how the customer first encounters the organization in person — we’d address phone and online experiences later. My client had just remodeled their front area where customers received in-person help from specialists. I was charged with being the voice of the customer.

We looked at everything from what the customer sees stepping off the elevator onto their floor, how s/he is channeled to the receptionist, how the receptionist greets him/her. Then how the receptionist determines the customer’s needs and alerts the appropriate specialist. We even standardized how to invite the customer to sit and where to wait.

With input from key staff, I produced scripts and flow charts for the staff’s actions depending on the customer’s needs. We role played to ensure the processes were clear and efficient, refining them along the way. At my urging, they did a half-day test with real customers to see where there might be hiccups.

We looked at technology enhancements and physical modifications. All key stakeholders were involved with coming up with solutions. I was impressed with not only the Director’s involvement and skill at facilitating the group processes, but the team’s engagement and positive attitude to ensure the changes would work for the customers and staff.

The customers like the new procedures and the staff like that they can help the customers more efficiently.

I love doing this kind of work. If you’d like to assess if your customer processes are the best they can be, please call me to discuss how we can do this for your situation.