“POP!: Stand Out in Any Crowd” makes you outstanding in business

Sam HornMy friend, bestselling author Sam Horn has a new book out, POP!: Stand Out in Any Crowd. There are many great techniques in the book you can apply to make your ideas, proposals — and yourself — to get acceptance.

Over brunch a few days ago (where we serendipitously were served POPovers), she shared some of the questions she’s been asked at her book promotion radio and TV interviews. A common one is “What are the basic POP! principles?”

POP!P: Purposeful — Think about how you want to be perceived, what response do you want from your idea, proposal or slogan. You want someone stopping and noticing and being in a positive frame to do what you want (e.g., buy your product, say yes to your proposal, like your idea).

O: Original — You need to show your uniqueness by saying something uncommon, not ho hum. You want to pique their interest by showing your ability to communicate interestingly. An example is the “Java Jacket” to protect your hand from holding a hot cup of Starbucks. The idea is simple, yet brilliant, but the name makes it stand out.

P: Pithy — It needs to be short and to the point. If you have to explain it afterwards, you’re not POP!ing.

Sam gives you specific techniques and exercises to help you POP! your ideas.

I encourage you to order Sam’s book — just click on the underlined title above. It is one of the best investments you’ll make this year and will help you in your business as well as personal life. To see if she is speaking or doing a book signing in your area soon, click on her name above.

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