Phenomenal blended eLearning solution

Are you tired of training that creates no or minimal results?

So am I! Which is why I stopped conducting training that I knew would yield nothing but a day off for the participants, no matter how effectively the material was presented. Most of the problems I’ve encountered in 27 years are based on

  1. The wrong people in the room (either exemplars or those with behavior problems far beyond what training could address).
  2. No clear purpose for the participants being there. They were “sent” by their boss, or signed up because they thought it would be interesting. But there was no conversation with their boss on what s/he expected them to learn and then execute back on the job.
  3. No follow up or reinforcement from the content provider or the manager. No follow up equals very little change.

So I’ve redesigned my key-talent development programs and have scoured the country looking for people who also believe in similar philosophies about permanent, measurable behavior change.

My colleague Lorna Riley has created a comprehensive eLearning program that blends with manager accountability and coaching. It’s a brilliant model. She’s made it easy for participants to take half-hour monthly modules, and includes mandatory manager/coaching to test for the learner’s ability to apply the information to their situations.

She’s developed full, robust programs for sales as well as customer service. Her approach is proven, unique, sustainable, and cost effective. If you’d like to set up a demo, please contact me.