PayPal paragon of service

I was having difficulty with one of my three PayPal accounts and couldn’t find the solution online. I clicked on the “contact” button and found their telephone number — always a relief to have the option to talk to a live person.

I dialed, and it was my lucky day! I got Paul, a supervisor in Omaha, who was taking the overflow calls. He was attentive, intelligent, clear and proactive. He not only cleared up the issue I was having, he helped me with a problem I was having on a second account.

How delightful to have someone who not only immediately understood the issue, but went out of his way to correct it while still on the call. He said normally it would take a few days but he had access to fixing it right then. Great!

The second issue was about my being charged $20 for a chargeback from a customer who forgot she’d made a purchase and filed a dispute with Amex which she used to pay the PayPal order. When I forwarded her the copy of her online order she was very apologetic and immediately called Amex to cancel the dispute. But I was still charged $20.

Paul looked at the history, saw what had happened and poof — he put $20 back in the account. Again wow!

I know live support costs companies lots of money. Yet the goodwill it costs to not have support can also be hefty. When you are dependent on email support and get responses selected by a computer or someone who doesn’t understand your question it’s frustrating.

I applaud PayPal for investing in their customers’ satisfaction. It’s become so rare nowadays.