“Managing to Turn Upset Customers into Loyal, Delighted Clients” Webinar

As an executive or manager, you know not everyone is 100% happy with your product/services. You know it’s your job to create strategies and encourage staff behaviors to turn unhappy customers into delighted ones. But how do you do that? What can you do as a leader to ensure your people are treating your disgruntled customers in a way that not only turns them around, but also creates strong loyalty? How can you coach your staff to calm upset customers and convert them to thrilled advocates?

Upset customers are a part of every business. If they are responded to promptly and professionally they will become some of your most loyal customers.

How do you make your upset customers happy? What can you do to ensure upset customers will return, be satisfied, and refer others to you? It’s the little things that pay off big. We’ll discuss what upset customers want, how to calm them, and how to retain their business.

In this brief program, you’ll get an executive briefing as well as some specific tools to apply.

This program is not designed for front-line staff, but will go through some concepts you can share.

  • How upset customers affect not only your staff, but other customers
  • Why customers get upset and how to avoid these upsets.
  • What an upset customer wants first
  • How to defuse their defensiveness
  • How to help your staff not take it personally
  • What you can do as manager to train your staff to manage upset customers better

Tues., Sept. 28, 9 a.m. PST (noon EST)

$47 (But as a FOB — Friend of Rebecca — you get it free if you enter coupon code FREEWEBINAR at checkout)