Are you joyful at work?

What do dancers at a Sikh celebration in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and happy employees have in common?
They show their happiness.
Granted, not all employees are as exuberant as these dancers, whose sincere grin decorated their faces throughout their performance. Some people are happy but don’t let their face know.
However, the glee of the men performing at the celebration I attended was infectious. I marveled at how truly delighted they seemed to be at showing us their moves. Unlike a previous dance group at the same event, whose smiles seemed to painted on, these men’s faces matched their enthusiastic steps.
Are you gleeful at work? Some might think it’s inappropriate to show anything but a somber business-like face. But if you exude your pleasure of the work you’re doing and the people you’re with, it’s bound to spread.
Yes, there will be the nay sayers, those who are unhappy in their own lives, and will look askance at any display of cheerful enthusiasm, labeling their chipper coworkers as brown nosers, cheerleaders, or Polyannas. If you are the subject of such backlash know that you’ve elicited jealousy from those who aren’t as free with their positiveness.
Watching the dancers ebullient dancing made me smile broadly. It was a delight to watch people who were sincerely enjoying what they do. It reminded me to show more joyousness in my work.