Young philanthropist is an exemplar

Augustus, almost age 4, decided to do a good deed.

Augustus sells orange juice for Books For Treats
Augustus sells orange juice for Books For Treats

His family had a burgeoning orange tree so he asked his mom if he could set up an orange juice stand in front of the house. Being a supportive mom, Merritt said yes. Augustus said that we wanted to use the money to buy books for other kids. “He can’t believe that some kids don’t have shelves full of magical places, faraway lands, friendly animals and dinosaurs with good manners,” Merritt said.

He remembered the past two years he’d received a book at Halloween from Books For Treats. So they decided to donate the profits to my non-profit which gives books instead of candy at Halloween.

Kudos to Augustus for acting on his desire to help less fortunate kids. He’s learned at a tender age to appreciate what he has and to help others who don’t have the same privileges he has. This is a lesson some adults never learn. And kudos to Merritt and her husband for being role models and supporting this in their kids.