Waves Are Like People



Rebecca Morgan quote
Photo: Rebecca Morgan, Lake Tahoe, CA

The morning was spectacular—a warm Gulf breeze brushed my cheeks. Waves scampered across the beach.

Meditating on the waves’ delicious sound, color and dance, I observed that even as they were approaching the shore, they were retreating.

A small berm lay between me and the surf. A few waves crossed the crest and scurried toward me. But most were spent before reaching the top.

I tried to discern which wave would make it over the top. At first, I thought I could tell by the size of the swell. Surely the largest would make it over. No.

Turning when I heard a loud crash, I thought, “That one will surely make it over.” No.

Then it hit me.

These waves are like people. And the metaphor machine kicked into motion.

  • Even as people move forward, progress is pitted with forces pulling us back. Sometimes we give into these forces when the pressure is too great. Sometimes we still progress despite the resistance.
  • We never know what power is inside someone that propels them over the top. It’s invisible. Sometimes these people aren’t even aware that it’s there.
  • People who come on the loudest, often don’t have what it takes to ascend the crest.
  • People who look like they have the power to make it, often don’t. They may look like winners on the outside, but they are missing the power inside to succeed.
  • Achievers are often quiet in their pursuits. We wouldn’t necessarily predict that they were going to make it.

This is an excerpt from Rebecca’s book, Life Is a Self-Designed, Personal Growth Seminar..