Unforeseen benefit of a chore

Sometimes doing a chore you’re not thrilled with yields marvels you’d never imagine.

In Bangkok, I ha10931359_10152997419662065_7823178419477492828_nd volunteered to take our team’s laundry to the service around the corner from the hotel. It meant I had to get up earlier than I’d like and schlep 15 lbs of dirty laundry to the shop. I would have much rather slept for a few more minutes. I was grumbling to myself how this had not been a good idea.

10887583_10152997420052065_3421950106277661134_oAfter dropping off the bags, I heard a drum beat near the hotel. I walked toward it, turning to see what was happening. Coming toward me was a parade of 100 children with Thai flags and signs that said “say no to drugs and cigarettes.” Each group of 30 kids had a different colored t-shirt — I’m guessing to represent different classes or schools. Each group was led by a girl dressed in traditional Thai attire.

After ne10570470_10152997420047065_7959211266789831430_narly all the kids had marched by, the line stopped next to me as the front of the parade waited to cross the busy street. The boys looked a bit bored so I started high five-ing them. Huge grins appeared on their faces, as more of them gathered around to high-5 this foreigner. It delighted us all. As the parade started moving again, they waved as they passed me.

I realized if I had not had to do this chore I would have missed this delightful experience.