Silicon Valley Product Managers Assn. workshop on influence

A wonderful way to spend a Sat. morning — I presented a very interactive workshop called “Influencing without Authority: Herding Cats with Tuna Not an Electric Prod” for the Silicon Valley Product Managers Assn. What a great group of smart, fun, nice people. They were very willing to try my various games with purpose (as one person dubbed them) and share the insights each spawned.

Here are two comments from the organizers:

“I have been managing workshops for the SVPMA for 10 years. The mark of a good workshop is that the participants are engaged and make connections — both with the other participants but more importantly with the information being provided. Rebecca’s workshops do just that. She introduces new information and provides insights. Then through hands-on exercises creates opportunities for people make their own connections and insights. I made a number of discoveries about my own communication style and team participation. It gave me a lot to think about and work on in terms of how I communicate in groups, teams and in my personal interactions. Well done Rebecca!” –Jamie O’Halloran, Program Chair

“You did a great job! Everyone was engaged, the insights were meaningful and I thought your comments were relevant PMs. Thank you so much for giving us your time and wisdom!” —Mayla Clark

We spent the morning in interactive exercises, then debriefing the insights and applicability on the job. Here’s a pic of part of the group doing one exercise.SVPMA