Ignore your counselors at your own risk!

A colleague called this morning to see if I conducted seminars on Myers-Briggs, the personality assessment. I told him I’ve found few people who’ve attended Myers-Briggs who could remember anything beyond their own four-letter style. I prefer a different system, which I’ve found people can remember — and use — years after the session.

He agreed that Myers-Briggs was challenging and confusing, but the client was insistent. This is another case of a client “wanting what they wanted” regardless of whether the training created the results they wanted. The only reason the colleague’s client wanted this system was because so many of his staff had gone through it. He wasn’t asking the critical question, “How many of those who attended can remember anything about it, let alone use the information regularly?” If he asked that, the answer would, no doubt, be “very few, if any.”

If you are looking for deep-impact training, explore what outcome you want and is what you’re self-prescribing going to accomplish that? Or even better, engage counselors who your respect, then take their advice! You’ll get a much higher ROI if you ask yourself tough questions, then are willing to be open to a different solution.

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