Holiday gift idea

Need a gift idea for someone who doesn’t need another tangible item andTWCCTW likes to help others? Buy a well in their honor for villagers in Cambodia. For only $300 we can build a well that will provide fresh water for up to 20 families, thus allowing them better hygiene, health and prosperity. They can grow vegetables to supplement their diet and trade with neighbors.

The well will have a plaque saying what you’d like, such as “In honor or …” or “In memory of…” if you want a living memorial to someone special. You can choose the plaque’s wording. We’ll send you photos once the well is built for you to share with the donors or honoree.

If your parents or siblings have all they need, why not donate something in their name that will make a huge difference? Several relatives can go in together. It would be a wonderful gift to anyone who’s lost a loved one, in the loved one’s memory.

I’m on the board of Together We Can Change the World which arranges for these wells to be built in Cambodia. Our focus is funding projects that make a difference in the health, education and future of women and children in SE Asia. More info  or email me.

Or if you’d rather donate to our general fund, we’ll ensure it goes to worthy projects. Click the donate button on