Effective Customer Complaint Management course

Now, more than ever before, you need to ensure every customer remains a happy customer, even when there is a problem. How your staff deal with problems and complaints will determine if that customer will return, buy more and/or tell others about their experience.

My seminar “Effective Customer Complaint Management: Customer Service Excellence Strategies for Driving Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Experience” is a comprehensive program and can be geared toward executives determining which data to gather and mine, to managers overseeing customer complaints, to the front line skills needed to calm down upset customers and turn them into satisfied, loyal customers.

Excellent service recovery will cement customer loyalty. Every organization has customer complaints. It’s how the complaint is managed that determines if the customer is satisfied and their loyalty solidified. Your employees can create astronomical customer retention or can drive your customers away. It all depends on how you approach complaint management.

To be a first class complaint center requires processes to prevent complaints from happening in the first place, as well as recurring. Service recovery should be a subset of a customer service excellence plan. Ideally, your processes and staff make it easy for your customers to get what they want and need, so complaints are reduced. Without a solid overall plan, you keep putting band aids on big problems. So we’ll include ideas on how to make sure your overall customer service program supports your service recovery efforts.

For executives and managers, we explore their strategy for resolving customer complaints, tracking and analyzing complaints to determine trends, and encouraging customers to complain so you can identify problem areas. We discuss how to then shore up those holes, determining how much each saved customer is worth to you, and hiring people who are naturally good complaint handlers. Then how to train them – and on what — so they can consistently respond professionally. How do you monitor their performance to ensure they continue to react with excellence?

This is a “roll-up-your sleeves” program. The more information and data you bring from your organization and industry, the more you will walk away with how to hone your own strategy and plan. There is time allotted to work on attendees’ specific situations.

We purposefully include examples and case studies from disparate industries so you can borrow innovative ideas that your industry may not be implementing. While industry-specific best-practices are useful, too much insular thinking only provides stale solutions rather than creative ones.

This highly interactive workshop is designed to provide attendees with the tools required to create and implement an effective complaint recovery strategy. We’ve has gathered a variety of tools to help you walk out with a draft of a plan, or to hone one you’ve already designed.

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