Door-to-trunk service

h_sfoShe was petite at 5’2″, maybe weighing 115 lbs. As the door to her Park SFO off-airport bus opened so I could board, she rose from her driver’s seat to stand in the doorway. She said hello with a big grin and reached out her hand to take my first bag.

I passed her my 3 bags then boarded myself. I noticed she did this for every passenger, although some of the bags looked to weigh nearly as much as she did. She greeted everyone with a friendly hello and never complained about their heavy luggage.

I was the last one to be left off at my car. I told her the nearest parking lot shed letter as well as my parking slot number. She drove right up to my car, opened the shuttle door and hopped out. She stood on the pavement as I passed down my luggage. She then raised the rolling handles and wheeled two of my pieces to my trunk.

Now that’s remarkable service!


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