Have you taken a bubble break lately?

While on a 10-hour layover in Hong Kong, I cooled my jets in the Cathay Pacific business class lounge. There are rarely kids in these lounges as families with kids don’t often travel in business class. But today there are 3 little ones ages 2-5 belonging to one couple. Sensing they needed a distraction, I got out my bottle of bubbles and started blowing in their direction. Their squeals of delight signaled this was the right move. We spent 10 minutes blowing bubbles as they giggled and chased them until the soap was gone.

When I’ve visited orphanages and schools in SE Asia, I always ensure we bring bubbles. I’ve been delighted by the looks of elated bewilderment on the faces of kids who’ve never seen bubbles before. Even adults get huge smiles watching bubbles float by.

You carry bubbles with you, don’t you? If not, maybe stash a small bottle in your travel case — you never know when you’ll need a bubble break. I decided to take one more often!