Bad news in the newspaper service department

Two copies of my local newspaper were delivered to my house every day last week. I’d put the paper on a brief vacation hold the previous week, so thought something got screwed up when it restarted. I thought it odd my carrier would deliver two papers to the same house.

I called to report the two copies. The accented woman heard my issue and said I had two subscriptions. How could that be when I’ve only been receiving one paper each day for 15 years? One subscription, she informed me, began years ago and was $115/year. The other subscription began 18 months ago and was $30 for 26 weeks. I told her this was odd because I’d only received one paper per day, and was paying $30 each 26 weeks.

Her records showed I began the second subscription 18 months ago. I remember cancelling my previous subscription before traveling for a month. When I returned, a telemarketer called and offered the $30/26-week subscription so I resubscribed.

She told me I should have told the telemarketer about my other subscription before resubscribing. I was irritated that she was telling me what I should have done 18 months ago assuming I hadn’t told the telemarketer that I had been a previous subscriber. She was trying to blame me for their screw up.

I asked to speak to her supervisor. She said, “Why?” I felt like saying, “To report your incompetence,” but it was really none of her business, so I said, “Because I want to talk to your supervisor.” I know supervisors don’t want calls escalated, but this woman was not doing her job so felt I should let the supervisor know. She put me on hold, then informed me that all supervisors were busy and I’d have to call back.

More insult to injury. I said, “No, I’d like to be called back.” She said OK.

That was a week ago. I have yet to get a return call.

I know the newspaper business is suffering financially. But might one reason be because of their poor customer service? I can get my news online if I choose. But right now I like reading it on my patio, something that is harder to do on a computer screen. But if they continue treating their customers poorly, I’ll have no remorse when I cancel my subscription — again.