Article about Turkey trip

After our trip toTurkey to be part of a group of Americans to be the conversational English practice for a group of Turkish school kids, this article was published on the Turkey Ministry of Environment and Forestry website about our group. This is a rough translation.

“The EngliverCity summer camp was more different than ever, especially with the contribution of our directors Rahmi Bayrak, Mustafa Kandirmis and all the other employees at Spil Mountain National Park. We were accompanied by 13 Americans who traveled to Turkey to be conversational practice partners for our students.

“Jan Black, who came with her grandson Riley, said her first day at the camp was one of the most beautiful days in her life. Riley said he was so happy to be in Turkey and he prefers Turkish culture in many ways to the one in which he was raised.

“It was so impressive to see young participants communicate with foreigners easily and mingle with them. One elite American, Rebecca Morgan, author of 25 books, has already published an article in her blog about one of our students who accompanied her during the camp. All participants thanked the Americans several times and stated that they want to be a part of a program like this again in the future.”