Podcast interview available

October 7, 2016

Tweet I am pleased to share Pete Mockaitis’ interview of me on his “How to Be Awesome at Your Job” show. https://awesomeatyourjob.com/070-upgrading-your-level-of-service-with-rebecca-morgan/

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Get Your Requests Granted More Often

March 9, 2016

Tweet Most of us need to enlist others outside of our team to help accomplish some tasks. Since the others are not required to say yes, you must finesse how you ask. In fact, even if the person is on your team, s/he may not be obligated to help you if what you’re asking is […]

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Conversational Drifters

March 8, 2016

Tweet At a recent business meeting of 8 people, one participant was unaware that his ramblings were irritating others. He spoke aloud whatever crossed his mind – when he had the floor, he got a text and mentioned it was from his wife. He further explained that his was was upset about her boss and wanted his […]

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Are you fishing in a bathtub?

March 4, 2016

Tweet A pal was sharing how frustrated he was in getting his non-profit idea off the ground. He has decided his solution was to convince a big tech company to fund it. He mentioned various ones he knew had big bucks, but I knew his idea was not aligned with what their foundations funded. He was staunch […]

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Honored to be featured in Manila publications

March 2, 2016

Tweet I was honored to be featured in the press coverage of our Together We Can Change the World’s Global Leadership Boot Camp last month. In addition to the fabulous piece in the Asian Journal, I was also featured in the publications below, plus The Standard, Malaya and at GlobalPinoy.com and Manila Bulletin Online. Business Inquirer […]

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Lessons from embracing my inner mermaid

February 19, 2016

Tweet If we have any imagination, we’ve been curious what it would be like to live someone else’s life if only for a day. I’ve sometimes pondered how I might like being an actor, lawyer, airline pilot, teacher, cruise director, dancer, film director or any dozen other professions. As I teenager I loved acting as […]

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Successful Leadership Boot Camp in Manila

February 11, 2016

Tweet Ten colleagues and I spoke at the Global Leadership Boot Camp in Manila on Jan. 30. We were all part of the Together We Can Change the World tour (more on our activities in another post). This reporter from the Asian Journal did a great job capturing the essence of three of our presentations.

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New project case studies available

December 23, 2015

Tweet We’ve just updated our project success samples/case studies to include some recent engagements. See if any of these might offer some new ideas for your challenges. Leadership/Management Increase senior managers’ leadership skills Develop management and leadership skills in technical leads/supervisors Enhance management/leadership skills through year-long Management Academy Encourage industry executives to share best practices […]

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Re-engineering the Customer Experience

December 1, 2015

Tweet I love it when clients want to ensure their customers have a positive experience with every interaction. So I was thrilled with a previous client called to ask me to help them re-engineer their customer processes.

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Do you know how you stack up against the competition?

November 22, 2015

Tweet On a recent visit to Seville, my group of 4 friends engaged Pepe Muñoz (www.SevillebyPepe.com) to show us around on bikes and take us on a tapas tour. Pepe exceeded our expectations — we loved his humor, his insights, his perspective of life and his great English — so we hired him to take […]

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