Article in Malaysia’s Leaderonomics Magazine

by Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC on June 30, 2018

I’m honored to have my article, “When You Need to Give a Hug” in this week’s Leaderonomics Magazine. It’s about my encounter with a sobbing woman in an elevator. See the attached.


Join Aug. 10 webinar

by Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC on June 7, 2018

Please be my guest. We are allowing my contacts to attend this upcoming Leadership USA webinar which is usually only for members.

I will share key information included in my most recent book, Leadership Lessons from Silicon Valley: How to Survive and Thrive in Disruptive Times. It will be interactive, and fast moving.

If you’d like to attend, please email me for the passcode. Space is limited, so reserve your space ASAP. Details here.


Innovation to Help Engineers Get Closer to Customers

by Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC on March 22, 2018

As a consumer, you may commonly hear yourself express your frustration with software, a website or an app. “What were they thinking?” you may ask when something doesn’t work as you think it should.

Some companies involve customers during the design phase, holding focus groups, talking to end users, or watching how customers use a product during beta testing. But few (in my experience), make a concerted effort to increase the designers’ understanding of current customers’ issues. SurveyMonkey has taken this approach as part of their customer-centric philosophy.

In a recent discussion, Jill Sonderby, SurveyMonkey’s Senior Program Manager, Talent Development, shared two programs that help engineers — as well as anyone in the company — have a greater connection to their customers’ experience.



Briefing and networking lunch March 28

by Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC on March 17, 2018

If you are responsible for developing leaders in your organization, I invite you to a March 28 breakfast briefing for my newest venture, Leadership USA-Silicon Valley.
Here’s an overview.
  1. LUSA-SV member-company leaders can attend monthly in-person, day-long leadership seminars led by national thought leaders, leadership experts and bestselling authors. Members’ leaders can attend any sessions at the reduced price of $299 ($499 for non-members).
  2. Our world-class presenters deliver thought-provoking ideas, as well as facilitate meaningful connections among participants. By expanding their brain trust, attendees will learn best practices from other industries to create innovative solutions to their challenges.
  3. A big difference from other leadership development providers is that LUSA-SV member organizations meet quarterly to collectively decide which topics will be offered based on their leaders’ development needs. At each meeting, they will hear what others are doing to create high-performing leaders.
  4. There are other elements that make this unlike any I’ve seen, including creating implementation plans, commitment and accountability to act on the new ideas learned in each session.



Your Conscientiousness Determines Your Success

by Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC on March 13, 2018

Your level of conscientiousness has more effect on your life than you might have thought. It can determine many success factors, including your income, job satisfaction, health and even marital happiness.

If you have a high conscientiousness level and those around you don’t, you’re going to experience a lot of frustration. You will be continually faced with people who don’t meet deadlines, honor their agreements, are inconsiderate of your and others’ time, and have less commitment to quality output. I’m thinking it would be a helpful tool to ask potential employees (or mates!) to complete to know if you and they will be compatible.


Get Higher ROI from Staffs’ Attendance at Learning Events

March 2, 2018

Tweet Many managers are not getting the highest ROI from their staffs’ attendance at any training event. Typically, the manager asks the employee to attend an event with little discussion about why. Or the employee asks to take a class or go to a conference and the manager approves it — again with little, if […]

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Interviewed on NZ TV show

January 29, 2018

Tweet Last April, when I was speaking in Auckland, NZ, I was invited to be on the Cath Vincent TV show. I shared my philosophies on improving one’s communication skills. Here’s the 7-minute segment.

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Nov. 14 ATD SF East Bay

November 7, 2017

Tweet I’ll be speaking at the ATD SF East Bay on Nov. 14 in Dublin. My program, “Work. Play. Give. – Creating a Thriving Workplace” is applicable not only for talent management managers, but for any manager. ATD is even offering a special price to encourage folks to bring their manager or any manager. Details […]

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Help Others Be a Hero

September 29, 2017

Tweet I ordered new business cards 10 days ago, paying extra to ensure they would arrive in time for a conference I’m attending next week on Wed.   This morning (Friday) I received a call from a woman in Memphis saying she had received my business cards! I immediately called the printer, explained the situation […]

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Are You Interpreting Words Differently?

September 13, 2017

Tweet I always find it interesting that two people can interpret the same words differently. I almost missed meeting up with an old friend because of this. Her email said, “Let’s meet at our place.” She and I often meet at a parking lot, then drive to our destination together to save finding parking for […]

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